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A two day hands-on workshop for you and your team teaching you new ways to speed up the process for product and service development by learning strategies and methods that are proven to lead your customers to success.
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The Design Sprint is a series of exercises for answering business questions and solve critical problems. Invented by Google Ventures with the goal to boost the development process and initiative innovation within your business. Learn how and when to use this method and find out how it looks like in practice.
Design Sprint is successfully used by some of the world's leading companies. Why not join them?

You don't need to be a designer to benefit from this event

In the Design Sprint, teams can include people across the whole organisation including product managers, CEOs, developers, team leaders and marketers.

Everyone offers a unique perspective and help to proactively solve critical business problems.

Who should come?

  • Innovation Leads
  • Product Managers
  • Design Leads
  • Dev Leads
  • Startup Founders
  • Corporate Execs
  • UX Designers
  • Marketers
  • Facilitators
  • Agile Coaches

What you will learn?

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Number of spots are limited.
  • Gain the right knowledge and correct understanding of the Design Sprint framework
  • Learn how to confidently run a sprint yourself and apply it within your organization
  • Identify crucial business and product questions to be answered
  • Speed up the timely and costly process for product and service development
  • Learn the strategy and methods that are proven to lead your customers to success
  • Sketch innovative solutions quickly, even if you’re not a designer
  • Make critical decisions fast, without lengthy discussion
  • Create an effortless MVP
  • Validate concepts before you invest months of work and millions of dollars
  • Gain awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses when it comes to facilitating a group
All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Your professional and experienced trainer

Ross Chapman is the founder of Etch Sprints in London. He has ran an extensive range design sprints with product teams, marketing agencies and brands to solve critical business problems within four days and get teams working faster and better together.

He's been trained by Jake Knapp himself, one of the authors of the acclaimed ‘Sprint’. if you haven't caught it yet, he interviewed Jake on Etch's YouTube channel.

Workshop trainer
Ross Chapman
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Reserve your spot
Number of spots are limited.

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Frequently asked questions

What should I bring to the event?

Just yourself.

You may also bring your laptop or tablet but not mandatory. A delicious lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

If you’re prone to getting hangry, bring a few snacks. Food and beverages will be provided all day, like dried fruits, nuts, and other healthy foods, but if those aren’t hitting the spot, you’ll want to bring something else for when the blood sugar drops unexpectedly.

Should I come as an individual or as a team?

Both individuals and company teams are encouraged to attend. But just to clarify, you don’t get be a loner at the workshop. Individuals will work together with a team of people from different companies.

If you come as a team, which we highly encourage, you’ll work with your team enabling you to carry on the practice within your company the very next day! We advise to register teams of 5+ people.

This workshop will be valuable for both individuals and groups.

Are there any team discounts?

Of course!
Companies sending 5 or more people qualify for team discounts. Just look for team tickets when registering.

Additional questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask. Just reach out to Marko, he will gladly answer all your additional questions.

No more questions?

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Head of Design
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